I don't know anything about tequila.  Can you help a me out?

I won't bore you with how it's made but let's just say if you could trap sunlight in water and bottle it that would be tequila. Our staff can help point you in the direction of any of our premium tequilas and we can find one that you'll enjoy.  We recommend starting with a flight of tequila.  Choose yours or trust us to pick one for you.  Either way we think you'll learn a bit along the way.  We do keep a bottle of the cheap stuff around but that's just so we know who we need to help out a little more on their journey to becoming an expert.

Now, that little spicy glass of yum sitting next to your hand picked tequila?  That my friend, is sangrita.  It's very traditional when savoring a fine tequila to have a palette cleanser between sips.  We make ours in-house and we think you will enjoy it.  Lord knows we do.